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There are 3 countries that border China on the west. These countries include Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. Myanmar was once known as Burma.

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Q: What borders China to the west?
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What borders japan on the west?


What are the natural borders of China?

In the ancient times, China only had to rely on its natural borders to defend itself. These borders include the Himalayas to the southwest, the Taklimakan Desert to the west, the Yellow Sea to the northeast and the China Sea to the southeast.

Does Russia border China?

Yes, Russia borders China to the south-east. It also borders China along a narrow strip west of Mongolia and east of Kazakhstan.

Which country borders the southwest region?

The southwest region of the United States borders Mexico.

What mountains border china to the west?

The Himalayas and the Tian Shan mountains border China to the west. They form natural barriers between China and its western neighbors such as India, Nepal, and Kazakhstan.

What are the Burma borders?

The borders of Burma (Myanmar) are as follows: South-West: The Bay of Bengal North-West: Bangladesh, India North-East: China South-East: Laos, Thailand, the Andaman Sea

What enormous country borders mongoila on the west south and east?

China is the enormous country that borders Mongolia on the west, south, and east. It is Mongolia's largest neighbor and shares a long common border with Mongolia.

What countries are near Vietnam?

The countries to west of Vietnam are Laos and to the southwest Cambodia. China borders at the north.

How many states does Mongolia have?

Mongolia has 2 borders, Russia to the north and the people's republic of China to the south, east and west It actually has 3. Kazakhstan to the West

What are the boundaries for Pakistan?

Pakistan shares borders with Iran, India, China, and Afghanistan. on Eastern side is India, in West there are Iran and Afghanistan and in North there is China.

Does china border an ocean?

Tibet is part of the Chinese republic. It is a landlocked country, that is it has no border with the sea or any ocean.

What country borders Mongolia?

It borders Russia and People's Republic of China.