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Q: What came first whigs or republicans?
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Why did the whig party expel president tyler from their political party?

Northern Whigs became Republicans, Southern Whigs became Democrats

Are republicans most like the whigs or tories?

Depending on the time frame you're referring too the answer can vary. Ideologically, republicans are conservatives, as are the Tories (the conservative party) so one could so they are most alike.

Was Thomas Abraham Clark a anti-federalist?

He cant be. Thomas Jefferson was a Democratic Republican. Thomas Jefferson began as an Anti-Federalist. During the Presidency of George Washington, he was a member of the 'Opposition' faction. Eventually he joined the Republican party - not to be mixed up with the Republican party that was established 1856-today. These republicans were referred to as 'Democrats' by the Federalists, who thought their ideals were more mob-rule than true republicanism. Today they are sometimes called the Jeffersonian Republicans. This even, does not quite fit, since the party underwent many changes. IE, in 1825, the two parties were considered 'Jackson Democrats and the 'Adams Republicans'. By 1829, The Republicans/Jefferson's party had become the "Democratic Republicans" (The name that still sticks today in referring to his party). The Adams Republicans had become the "National Republicans." By 1835 or so, the Democratic Republicans had dropped the Republic and just become "Democrats". The National Republicans had become the "Whigs." In 1850, when the Democratic Party won the Missouri compromise, a major pro-slavery battle, the Whigs lost their prominence. Most Whigs joined with several other minor parties to form the "Republicans" (The republican party of today), while some joined the Democrats. The Republicans became a major thorn in the side to the pro-slavery Democrats, launching their first platform in 1856 focusing primarily on civil rights. So to answer your question more succinctly: He was an anti-Federalist/Opposition/'Republican' (In the sense of what became later the Democratic Republicans or Democrats or 'Jeffersonian Republicans', not modern Republicans.)

Why were there four parties and candidates in the presidential election of 1860?

The root cause was the break-up of the old parties by the slavery question. The Whigs split in 1856 and did not field a candidate. A new party, the Republicans was formed from northern Whigs and anti-slavery factions. The southern whigs and others Southerners formed a new Constitutional Union Party. The Democrats split into north and south and nominated two candidates.

First two political parties of the US?

The first two US political parties were technically the "Federalists" and the "Anti-Federalists", who were later known as the Democratic and Republican parties.federalist and anti-federalistsThe first two political parties were the Federalist headed by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams and the NON-Federalists, who in time turned out to be the Democratic-Republic headed by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. The Federalist will be absorbed by the Democratic Republicans after the War of 1812 and the Democratic Republicans will eventually split into the Democrats and the Whigs. The Whigs will eventually break up into several different parties that will eventually join together to found the Republican party in 1850.

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What political party drew their support from former whigs?

Most of the first Republicans were former Whigs.

Example of political party?

Federalists, Whigs, Republicans, Democrats, Democratic-Republicans, Anti-Masons.

What are the first 2 political parties in the us?

There were the Federlists and the Democratic-Republicans, the Federalists eventually evolved into whigs each, in the end evolved into todays modern-day republicans and the democratic-republicans became democrats. I hope this helps!

Jackson belonged to the Democratic-Republicans and Adams to the National-Republicans By the 1832 election these parties were called?

Democrats and Whigs

Why did the whig party expel president tyler from their political party?

Northern Whigs became Republicans, Southern Whigs became Democrats

John Quincy Adams' supporters were called National Republicans and later .?


Are the whigs and the republicans one in the same party?

No. The Whigs are, or were, the forerunners of the Liberal Party in Britain. They opposed the Tories, Conservatives. Republicans in Britain tend to be in favour of Home Rule for their part of the country: Anti Monarchist, pro devolution.

What were the two major political parties during Thomas Jefferson's time?

the two major political parties were the whigs and the democrats, later on the whigs split onto two, the republicans and the whigs.

In the mid-1820 the Democratic Republicans split into the?

the whigs and something else i cant remember

What led people to support the Republican Party?

Slavery was the first big issue for the Republican Party-- the party was formed mostly of people against slavery. When the Whigs split over slavery, most of the anti-slavery Whigs joined the Republicans.

Who was the first political party to hodl a national convention to nominate a presidential candidate?

the national republicans

What groups of the south supported the Republican Party?

Scalawags. White Southerners supporting the Republicans.