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The Supreme Court of the United States hosts its own web site that maintains the docket, calendar, merits briefs, slip opinions and other information about cases being heard in the current Term.

The following cases are currently scheduled for the Supreme Court's 2009 Term. There may be additions or changes to the list in the future. You can read the merit briefs for each case at the SCOTUS website (see Related Links, below).

US Supreme Court Docket 2009 Term

(Retrieved March 26, 2010)

Abbott v. Abbott, Docket No. 08-645

Alabama v. North Carolina, Docket No. 132 Orig.

Alvarez v. Smith, Docket No. 08-351

American Needle v. National Football League, Docket No. 08-661

Arave v. Hoffman, Docket No. 07-110

Astrue, Comm'r of Social Security v. Ratliff, Docket No. 08-1322

Barber v. Thomas, Warden, Docket No. 09-5201

Beard, Sec. of PA DOC v. Kindler, Docket No. 08-992

Berghuis, Warden, v. Smith, Docket No. 08-1402

Berghuis, Warden, v. Thompkins, Docket No. 08-1470

Bilski v. Kappos, Docket No. 08-964

Black v. United States, Docket No. 08-876

Bloate v. United States, Docket No. 08-728

Brisoce v. Virginia, Docket No. 07-11191

Carachuri-Rosendo v. Holder, Att'y Gen., Docket No. 09-60

Carr v.United States, Docket No. 08-1301

Christian Legal Society Chapter v. Martinez, Docket No. 08-1371

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Docket No. 08-205

City of Ontario, CA v. Quon, Docket No. 08-1332

Conkright v. Frommert, Docket No. 08-810

Doe #1 v. Reed, WA Sec. of State, Docket No. 09-559

Dolan v. United States, Docket No. 09-367

Dillon v. United States, Docket No. 09-6338

Florida v. Powell, Docket No. 08-1175

Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Co. Accounting Oversight Bd., Docket No. 08-861

Graham v. Florida, Docket No. 08-7412 and Sullivan v. Florida, Docket No. 08-7621 (consolidated)

Graham County Soil v. United States, Docket No. 08-304

Granite Rock Company v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Docket No. 08-1214

Hamilton v. Lanning, Docket No. 08-998

Hardt v. Reliance Standard Life Ins., Docket No. 09-448

Hemi Group, LLC v. City of New York, NY, Docket No. 08-969

Health Care Service v. Pollitt, Docket No. 09-38

Hertz Corporation v. Friend, Docket No. 08-1107

Holder, Att'y Gen., v. Humanitarian Law Project, Docket No. 08-1498 and Humanitarian Law Project v. Holder, Att'y Gen., Docket No. 09-89

Holland v. Florida, Docket No. 09-5327

Huber v. Wal-Mart Stores, Docket No. 07-480

Hui v. Castaneda, Docket No. 08-1529

Jerman v. Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Docket No. 08-1200

Johnson v. United States, Docket No. 08-6925

Jones v. Harris Associates, Docket No. 08-586

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha v. Regal-Beliot Corp., Docket No. 08-1553 and Union Pacific Railroad Co., v. Regal-Beliot Corp., Docket No. 08-1554

Kiyemba v. Obama, Docket No. 08-1234

Krupski v. Costa Crociere, Docket No. 09-337

Kucana v. Holder, Attny Gen., Docket No. 08-911

Levin v. Commerce Energy, Inc., Docket No. 09-223

Lewis v. City of Chicago, IL, Docket No. 08-974

Mac's Shell Service v. Shell Oil Products, Docket No. 08-240 and Shell Oil Products v. Mac's Shell Service, Docket No. 08-372 (consolidated)

Magwood v. Culliver, Docket No. 09-158

Maryland v. Shatzer, Docket No. 08-680

McDonald v. City of Chicago, IL, Docket No. 08-1521

McDaniel v. Brown, Docket No. 08-559

Merck & Co., Inc., v. Reynolds, Docket No. 08-905

Milavetz v. United States, Docket No. 08-1119 and United States v. Milavetz, Docket No. 08-1225 (consolidated)

Monsanto Co. v. Geertson Seed Farms, Docket No. 09-475

Morrison v. National Australia Bank LTD, Docket No. 08-1191

New Process Steel v. NLRB, Docket No. 08-1457

NRG Power Marketing v. Maine Public Utilities, Docket No. 08-674

Padilla v. Kentucky, Docket No. 08-651

Perdue, Gov. of GA v. Kenny A., Docket No. 08-970

Pottawattamie County, IA v. McGhee, Docket No. 08-1065

Reed Elsevier, Inc., v. Muchnick, Docket No. 08-103

Renico, Warden v. Lett, Docket No. 09-338

Rent-A-Center, West v. Jackson, Docket No. 09-497

Robertson v. United States, Ex Rel. Watson, Docket No. 08-6261

Salazar, Sec. of Interior v. Buono, Docket No. 08-472

Samantar v. Yousuf, Docket No. 08-1555

Schwab v. Reilly, Docket No. 08-538

Shady Grove Orthopedic Assoc., v. Allstate Insurance, Docket No. 08-1008

Skilling v. United States, Docket No. 08-1394

Smith, Warden v. Spisak, Docket No. 08-724

South Carolina v. North Carolina, Docket No. 138, Original

Stolt-Nielsen S.A. v. Animalfeeeds International, Docket No. 08-1198

Stop the Beach Renourishment v. Florida Dept. of Enviromental Protection, Docket No. 08-1151

Union Pacific Railroad Co., v. Brotherhood of Locomotive, Docket No. 08-604

United States v. Comstock, Docket No. 08-1224

United States v. Marcus, Docket No. 08-1341

United States v. O'Brien, Docket No. 08-1569

United States v. Stevens, Docket No. 08-769

United Student Aid Funds v. Espinosa, Docket No. 08-1134

Weyhrauch v. United States, Docket No. 08-1196

Wood v. Allen, Comm'r, AL DOC Docket No. 08-9156

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The US Supreme Court is actively hearing cases from the 2009 Term; therefore, any list trying to capture the "most recent" decisions would quickly become obsolete.

To read all released opinions for the current Term, please access the Supreme Court of the United States website, Latest Slip Opinions, via Related Links, below.

For more information about 2009 cases, please see Related Questions, below.

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This question can't be answered without becoming quickly outdated.

If you would like to review the cases the US Supreme Court is hearing during the current Term, you can access their website via Related Links, below.

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You can find upcoming cases that the Supreme Court will hear on the official website (see Related Links, below).

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That is what I would like to know

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Q: What cases are currently on the US Supreme Court docket for the 2011 2012 term?
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What is the US Supreme Court docket?

The Supreme Court's docket is like an agenda of cases to be heard during a particular Term (cases are usually argued two weeks per month, between the first Monday in October and the end of April).The docket contains information that helps justices, parties to the case and the public quickly locate important information about the case, such as case name, docket number(s), status, etc.The website On the Docket (see Related Links, below) has a one or more pages dedicated to the docket of Supreme Court Terms from 2000 through the present (2009). Information is still being compiled for the current Term, so this page will change as the schedule is updated and more data becomes available.Information provided:Case nameDocket numberDate arguedDate decidedCourt appealed fromOutcome of caseVote countAuthor of official opinionTopic(s) of caseThis particular website also include brief new items related to the matters before the Court. The Supreme Court of the United States maintains its own website (Related Links) that shows a less detailed docket, but also offers a variety of materials not found elsewhere.

Which court hears cases that have national significance?

Supreme Court of the United States

What special cases start trial in the supreme court?

There are two special cases that start trial in the United States Supreme Court. Cases involving foreign officials and cases in which a state is a party originate in the Supreme Court.

Why is the US Supreme Court so selective?

In 2010, the US Supreme Court received more than 8,000 petitions for a writ of certiorari, or requests for appeals of lower court decisions. Nine Justice cannot handle the volume of cases that reach their docket each year; instead, they choose 75-100 of the cases most important to constitutional or federal law. For more information, see Related Questions, below.

Is a Supreme Court decision permanent?

In most cases a Supreme Court decision is permanent. The current Supreme Court can change the decision of a previous Supreme Court.

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The group of cases submitted to the Supreme Court for its consideration is called its?


What is the list of cases to be heard by a court?


What is the name of the US Supreme Court's calendar?

If you mean the collection of cases that the court will hear during a session or term, it is called the "docket", and this is the traditional word for that.

Does the US Supreme Court determine its own docket?

Yes, the US Supreme Court has discretion to determine its own docket. It chooses which cases it will hear and decide upon, typically selecting cases of national importance or cases that involve conflicts between lower courts. The Court receives thousands of petitions each year, but only a small fraction of them are granted review.

What is a docket?

A docket is a list of cases in court for trial or names of the parties who have cases pending.

How cases end up on the docket of the US supreme court?

The Supreme Court takes substantially all of its cases on appeal. Parties displeased with the ruling in their cases may request a writ of certiorari praying that the Supreme Court hear their case. The Supreme Court reviews the requests and chooses which cases to hear. Typically, the only cases granted certiorari are those that implicate important and contested questions of Constitutional significance or public policy.

What is the meaning of docket?

docket is a numerical system that keeps files in order. A docket is a list of cases in court for trial or names of the parties who have cases pending.

What do you mean by G.R numbers in connection with Philippine cases?

G.R. numbers refer to cases that have been assigned docket numbers by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. These numbers are used to identify and track the progress of cases within the court system.

What is the calendar of the court?

It is known as the court docket, it is a schedule of court cases and activities.

What is a term for a list of cases to be tried?

A term for a list of cases to be tried is a "trial docket." This list typically includes the order in which cases will be heard by the court.

What is the list of cases to be heard by a court called?


What is another word for a schedule of a court cases?

The Docket