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The Supreme Court's docket is like an agenda of cases to be heard during a particular Term (cases are usually argued two weeks per month, between the first Monday in October and the end of April).

The docket contains information that helps justices, parties to the case and the public quickly locate important information about the case, such as case name, docket number(s), status, etc.

The website On the Docket (see Related Links, below) has a one or more pages dedicated to the docket of Supreme Court Terms from 2000 through the present (2009). Information is still being compiled for the current Term, so this page will change as the schedule is updated and more data becomes available.

Information provided:

  1. Case name
  2. Docket number
  3. Date argued
  4. Date decided
  5. Court appealed from
  6. Outcome of case
  7. Vote count
  8. Author of official opinion
  9. Topic(s) of case

This particular website also include brief new items related to the matters before the Court. The Supreme Court of the United States maintains its own website (Related Links) that shows a less detailed docket, but also offers a variety of materials not found elsewhere.

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Q: What is the US Supreme Court docket?
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When the supreme court accepts a case for review it places it on what kind of calendar?


When the supreme court accept a case for review it places it on the?


What is the name of the US Supreme Court's calendar?

If you mean the collection of cases that the court will hear during a session or term, it is called the "docket", and this is the traditional word for that.

Does the US Supreme Court determine its own docket?

Yes, the US Supreme Court has discretion to determine its own docket. It chooses which cases it will hear and decide upon, typically selecting cases of national importance or cases that involve conflicts between lower courts. The Court receives thousands of petitions each year, but only a small fraction of them are granted review.

The group of cases submitted to the Supreme Court for its consideration is called its?


How is a court case added to the supreme court's docket?

the court will accept a case if for of the nine Justices agree to do so

How is a court case added to the supreme court docket?

the court will accept a case if for of the nine Justices agree to do so

What is the highest court in the US?

The US Supreme Court is the highest court in the US. Each state has its own Supreme Court, but the US Supreme Court is the end of the line.

Who creates the agenda for the US Supreme Court?

You may be asking who creates the docket, or schedule of oral arguments, for the US Supreme Court. This is handled by the Supreme Court Clerk of Court, with input from the Chief Justice once the Court grants certiorari (agrees to review) a case. The Clerk of Court handles administrative details related to organizing and processing cases.If you're referring to a case conference or meeting agenda, those are set by the Chief Justice.

What does vided mean in a supreme court docket?

Vided in this context means viewed. This does not necessarily mean it was given any particular consideration or found pursuasive. It is simply an acknowlegement that the Supreme Court has this particular brief included on its file for this particular docket and it was not rejected for lack of form or formalities.

What is the list of cases to be heard by a court?


What is the Rule of Four in the US Supreme Court?

The Rule of Four means four of the nine justices must agree to hear a case in order for it to be accepted on appeal. If four or more justices think the case is worth the Court's time, then the Supreme Court will issue a writ of certiorari to the lower court ordering them to send the case files to the Supreme Court, and the case will be placed on the docket.