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If you are referring to the Diet of Worms of 1521, the cause of the meeting was the Protestant Reformation begun by Martin Luther. A diet, in this case, refers to a law-making assembly, for example, the Japanese version of Congress is called the Diet of Japan. Worms is the name of the city in Germany where this diet met. The final result of this meeting was the Edict of Worms, which labeled Luther a heretic.

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Q: What cause the representatives of church and emperor meet in worms?
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The concordat of worms was a fair compromise for both the emperor and the church why or why not?

yes because it gave the church the right to appoint bishops

Was the concordat of worms a fair compromise for both the emperor and the church Why or why not?

yes because it gave the church the right to appoint bishops

In April of 1521 a meeting of representatives of his empire was called by the Emperor Charles V They were to assemble in the German town of?

The German town of Worms. ( this is not the answer ))

What compromise between the church and the holy Roman Empire resulted from the concordat of Worms?

The Concordat of Worms was an agreement that ended an important controversy between the Church, under Pope Calixtus II, and the Holy Roman Emperor Henry V. The broader power struggle between the Church and monarchs had continued for some time. The agreement was that the Holy Roman Emperor had the right to confer secular authority on bishops, but the Church had the right to confer religious authority.

What was the cause of Luther's Diet of Worms?

The cause was the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V trying Martin Luther at Worms (in what is modern day Germany) on 28 January 1521 to either renounce or reaffirm his heretical views. A Diet in the Holy Roman Empire was an assembly of the Imperial Estates under the Holy Roman Emperor himself. It was not a parliament as we know today.

The concordat of worms gave the power to grant lands to the?


What was controversy between the pope and the emperor that was resolved?

Over the years there have been many controversies between popes and emperors. Please specify one of them.

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What did the holy roman emperor declare martin lurther?

Emperor Charles V declared Martin Luther an outlaw at the Diet of Worms in 1521.

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Why does it say something about worms with Martin Luther?

The Edict of Worms was a decree issued by The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V banning the writings of Martin Luther and labeling him a heretic and enemy of the state . The Edict, issued on May 25, 1521, in the city of Worms in southwest Germany, was the culmination of an ongoing struggle between Martin Luther and the Roman Catholic Church over reform, especially in the sale of indulgences.