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Get rid of the Democrats and Republicans

Vote for third party

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Q: What changes were needed in order for the country to run smoothly in the time of the Articels of Confederation?
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What Are essential to keep the country running smoothly?

is corporations essential to keep the country running smoothly

What is one country whose government is currently a confederation?

Switzerland is a confederation

What country is an example of confederation?


When was Canada's Confederation?

Canada became an official country at its confederation in July 1, 1867.

What did the Articles of Confederation create?

The Articles of Confederation created a form of government in which prople elect representatives to run the country.

What Confederation country?

There actually are no countries that are confederate ones today. Switzerland is usually the first one to pop into mind, as it is known as the Swiss Confederation. However, Switzerland is only a confederation by name and has not been so since 1847. Many people refer to Belgium as a confederation, however, truly it is a federation. Canada also is mistaken for a confederation due to the Canadian Confederation process. The European Union, although not a country, is somewhat a mix of a confederation and federation. Serbia and Montenegro, which is no longer a country, was a confederation that existed between 2003 and 2006.

What countries have an confederation?

No country is a confederation today. Switzerland is a confederation only by name, but truly is federal republic with a directional system and direct democracy.

What was the name of the new country in confederation?


What country was in charge of the German Confederation?


What country code stands for confederation helvetica?


What country in southern and eastern Asia is a confederation?


What country has confederation system of government for its provinces?