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Canada became an official country at its confederation in July 1, 1867.

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The same date as Saskatchwan - September 1, 1905.

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It's July 1, 1867

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Q: What is the date of confederation?
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What date did new brunswick join confederation?

New Brunswick joined confederation July 1,1867.

When did Northwest Territories join the confederation?

Northwest Territory date of confederation was July 15, 1870.1869

On what date did New Brunswick enter confederation?

New Brusnwick entered confederation on July 1, 1867.

What is the Confederation date?

It's July 1, 1867

Date the Articles of Confederation become operative?

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What is Ontario's date of confederation?

July 1, 1867 you are welcome

What is the exact date that saskatchewan joined confederation?

September 1, 1905

What is the date Saskatchewan entered confederation?

Saskatchewan entered in sept 1st 1905

Quelle est la date d'entree en confederation du Nunavut?


Give the date when congress of the confederation gave official approval for a meeting in Philadelphia PA to revise the articles of confederation?

if your trying to find this answer out for a gov class good luck

What was the starting date for the convection to draft the articles of confederation?

the draft started 1765 because of a war

On what date did Nova Scotia entered confederation?

Nova Scotia was one of the original four provinces to join Canada in 1867.