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In the beginning of the 1800s, 90% of American boys lived on farms. Their chores were connected to farm life.

At 5 years of age they were bringing in wood from the wood pile for the fire. They were picking up trash around the house and the yard. They did not do any heavy lifting or lift anything that might break.

When they became a little bit older, they received a hoe. They would use a hoe to remove weeds. They would help out with part of the harvest. They would pick strawberries and low lying fruit. They would carry the kitchen garbage to the hogs.

After a few more years, they started helping with more of the harvest. They would become strong enough to dig potatoes and pick cotton. They would be able to handle bales of hay. They would shuck the corn to feed the chickens. They would repair the fence.

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Q: What chores did American children do during the 1700?
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