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They built them in Britain, Pompeii, and most important Bath, England

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there was one in almost every roman town and city

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Q: What cities did the Romans build baths?
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What did the Romans build in the Balkan countries?

the Romans built public baths

Did the Romans built the Roman Baths?

Yes, Romans did build the roman baths...if they didn't, it wouldn't be called ''Roman-Bath''

Whose idea was it to build the roman baths?

It was all the Romans who built it and there ideas not one in general

What did the Romans use?

Romans used aqueducts to bring fresh water from the mountains into the cities. They used this water for the large public baths and public fountains.

Where did the Romans build baths other than in Bath?

All over the place. The Romans were "clean freaks" and wherever they settled, a bath house went up, even the military forts had baths. The city of Rome itself had over 1,000 baths, some public, many private.

How many baths have the Romans built so far?

101 baths that the Romans have built so far

Why were roman baths made?

In Ancient Rome, baths were constructed in towns and cities for several reasons. For one thing, the Romans valued personal hygiene quite strongly. For another, the Romans loved the pleasures of the "spa" for health reasons and simply as a distinct delight in life.

Who invented baths?

it was the romans

Who lived in the Roman baths?


Who invented Public Baths?

it was the romans

Did the Romans have baths?

Yes, the Romans had public baths known as thermae. These bath complexes served as social hubs where people could bathe, exercise, relax, and socialize. The Roman baths typically consisted of rooms for different activities like hot baths, cold baths, and saunas.

What did the ancient romans build to bring water to their cities?

The ancient Romans used aqueducts to bring water to their cities.