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During the American Revolutionary War, the city of Charleston, South Carolina was under siege by British troops. The fighting lasted from March 29 to May 12, 1780.

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Q: What city was placed under siege by British troops during the revolutionary war?
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What did the british troops wear during the revolutionary war?

They wore red coats. :)

Who was commander of British troops in America during the revolutionary war?

Lord Cornwallis

What nation sent troops to help the British fight the Americans during the American Revolutionary War?

Hessian troops did not fight as British Allies but as mercenaries.

What did the woman do during the Revolutionary War?

They Quartered troops, Boycotted British goods and ran their husbands businesses

What spanish troops defeated the british at baton rouge?

The troops of Bernardo de Galvez defeated the British at Baton Rouge and Natchez. It took place in 1779 during the Revolutionary War.

What were the disadvantades for british troops during the American Rev?

The Disavantages for the British troops during the Revolutionary War was that the British were fighting away from Britain were all their things were. They had to have there supplies shipped over here to America wich to weeks, they also were not use to the land which means that they did not know there routes in America they just followed the other colonists and British troops.

Who led the british troops that occupied philadelphia?

The leader of the British troops that occupied Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War was General Sir Henry Clinton. About 15,000 troops took part in the occupation. They abandoned the city on June 18, 1778.

How did William Dawes contribute to the Revolutionary War?

William Dawes had a very important role during the Revolutionary War. He was one of the many people that warned of approaching British troops.

Who helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War?

France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War. The US set up their first Army during the Revolutionary War and it was set up and trained by British troops who had turned on their own country.

What city was placed under siege by British troops?


Who was the British general for the battle of Normandy?

General Montgomery was placed in command of the British troops.

Colonial troops in the Revolutionary era enjoyed a geographic advantage over the British because?

The distance from Great Britain made it difficult for the British to replace troops.