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Native anericans

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Q: What collection of nations refused to help the British fight the French?
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Who were french settlers who refused to pledge their loyalty to the british crown?


What was the name of the French settlers who refused to pledge their loyalty to the British?


Why did the native American distrust the british?

The British refused to pay Native Americans to use their land unlike the French did.

When were the First Nations of Canada established?

it was established by the french and the british.

What were the three nations involved in the seven year war?

the three nations involved were the french the spanish and the british

Which nations were largely controlled by imperial powers during the 19th century?

Many nations in Africa and Asia. Latin America was colonized by Spain, Portugal and French. In North America by British and French. In Asia- British, French, Dutch, Japanese, In Africa- British, German, Belgian, French, Potugese etc etc.

Who asked the colonists to help pay the costs of the french and Indian war but they refused?

British Parliament

What nations came to aid the struggling Americans after the defeat at saratoga by the british?

The French

Why did the British and the French have a war in America?

Because both nations wanted to colonise.

Why did British parliament pass the Quebec act in 1774?

the british took over the first nations and french canadiens meaning that their land, language and religious rights and the culture. the first nations and french canadiens had to follow the british rule in the royal proclamation. therefore the quebec act in 1774 was to save the first nations and the french canadiens from the british meaning they had their culture, lanugage, land, and religious right taken back.

Why did the Indians help the british in the French and Indian War?

They actually helped both sides. The Iroquois, Cherokee, and Catawba helped the British and the other nations helped the French.

Were First Nations and Europeans allies?

The Hurons were allied with the French and the Iroquois were allied with the British