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Q: What company coined the word zipper for a slide fastener?
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Why is slide fastener a good name for a zipper?

slide fastener is a common name but it's effect to a people that use zipper.

What do you put on a zipper to make them slide?

Solid candle wax.

What is a 4 letter word for something you slide across to fasten a door or window?


What is the Pull tab on a zipper called?

A pull tab. <--- that is the most common name, however, it is actually called a slide.

What is the name of the object that comes up and down on the zipper?

The part of the zipper that comes up and down, and opens or closes the teeth is called the slide. It usually has a zipper pull attached to it which is a tab to help it go up and down. Sometimes the tab breaks off, but a new one can be attached. For more about the zipper and how it works, see this:

How do I fix a warped plastic zipper?

Pull up and down until it loosens. Release the cloth under neath the zipper, and then pull until it becomes loose. If the zipper teeth are damaged or missing, the entire zipper must be replaced. If the zipper just keeps popping open, you probably just need to replace the slide or "pull" Look on the back side of the slide and there will be a number and/or letter. Number denotes size (5, 7 or 10 is most common for coats or jackets) and the letter usually tells what style (plastic, metal, coil etc.) Cobbler shops usually have replacement slides for most zippers and they can usually replace it while you wait. Costs run $5 to $10 installed, (versus $40 to $80 for an entire new zipper!) If you can buy just the slide from a shop, it's very easy to install 90% of jacket zipper slides. At the top of the zipper will be "stops" or little tiny U-shaped pieces of metal crimped on above the top tooth of the zipper. They're there to prevent you from pulling the slide all the way off, hence "stops". Carefully remove it by opening it slightly using a pair of dikes or side cuts...wirecutters to the layman. Just use the sharp edge to get in between and squeeze lightly. The stop should open just a bit. Carefully remove it and put it somewhere nearby, DONT LOOSE IT! You only need to take off the stop that's on the same side as the pull (slide). Now pull the original slide all the way off the top, you might have to twist it a little, but it should come right off. Now take the new slide and work it back on, from the top down, on the same zipper track you just took the old one off. Grab the tab of the slide and twist back and forth until it drops freely onto the zipper teeth and falls to the bottom. Now take the "stop" and crimp it back on and your done. If you got the right slide it will zip right up tight just like a new jacket. As a former cobbler myself that did a lot of jacket repairs, I would say 7 out of 10 bad zippers were just the slides. They wear out much quicker than the teeth and then cannot mesh both sides together fully. Support your local cobbler!! You'd be amazed at what they can create and repair. And in this economy "Repair and Save!"

Is a brass paper fastener a conductor or insulator?

Brass is a metal that conducts electricity. Therefore, a brass paper clip is a conductor.

How does each newton's laws used by the zipper?

The zipper uses Newton's first law by remaining in place until a force is applied to open or close it. When pulling the zipper, Newton's second law comes into play as force is applied to overcome the resistance from friction and slide the teeth together. Finally, Newton's third law is demonstrated as the equal and opposite reaction between the teeth as they interlock to fasten the zipper.

What company first introduced slide scanners?

Slide scanners were introduced by Nikon.

What compound machine is a zipper?

A zipper is a compound machine that functions as a series of simple machines working together. It typically consists of two flat metal pieces with interlocking teeth that are pulled together and apart by a slide mechanism. The teeth act as inclined planes that wedge together when the slider is moved up, and apart when moved down, allowing the zipper to open and close.

How do you make a metal zipper slide easier?

Use a bar of soap. Rub it on both sides of the zipper, then work the head up and down. You might need to re-soap the zipper once or twice more and work the head up and down a few times to ensure the soap gets into the grooves. Works for me ;-) More information Try rubbing a pencil on it - graphite is a terriffic lubricant.

How can I free up an old coroded zip on a bag without damaging the bag?

This has to do with an old bag which was given to me. And I do not wish to damage the bag because when I try to free up the zipper, it is so difficult as the zipper slide has rusted. I am trying with soap before I end up at the bag repair shop.