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The plates are actively spreading submarine ridges in the middle of the oceans, subduction zones in ocean trenches or mountain ranges on the continents, or margins where the plates slide past one another. Most of the world's earthquakes occur at plate boundaries.

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Q: What layer of the earth are plates found?
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What can be found directly under the plates of the earths crust?

The Earth's tectonic plates lay on top of the outer layer of the mantle. This layer is known as the asthenosphere.

Which layer are the plates in?

the plates are apart of the crust,the upper layer of the earth

What layer of the earth has plates?

The lithosphere has plates.

Tectonic plates float on a layer of the earth called the?

The outer layer of the earth where the land masses are is called the crust

What layer of the earth makes up theses plates?

The Earth's lithosphere is comprised of the tectonic plates that float and move on the semi-fluid asthenosphere beneath them. These plates are made up of the crust and the upper part of the mantle.

Which layer of the earth is broken into seprate sections called plates?

The layer of the Earth that is broken into separate sections called plates is the lithosphere. These plates move due to the flow of the underlying asthenosphere, causing phenomena like earthquakes and volcanic activity at plate boundaries.

Which of earthes mechanical layers contains the seven major plates?

The Lithosphere is a mechanical layer on Earth that contains seven major plates.

What layer of the earth makes the plates?

The Lithosphere.

What layer do tectonic plates sit on?

The Crust of the Earth. (the top layer)

Which layer of the earth do the plates ride on?

The tectonic plates ride on the uppermost layer of the Earth's mantle, known as the lithosphere. The lithosphere includes the rigid upper part of the mantle as well as the crust, and it is broken into several large and small tectonic plates that move and interact with each other.

What plastic like layer has tectonic plates ride on it?

The middle layer of earth that is MANTLE. It has the tectonic plates floating on it.

What is the tectonic plates in earth's crust?

plates of the earth's crust that float on top of the molted mantle layer.