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Q: What is a kind of force that gets exerted as tectonic plates push against each other?
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What is extended deterrence?

"A confrontation in which the policymakers of one state ('defender') threaten the use of force against another state ('potential attacker') in an attempt to prevent that state from using military force against an ally - or territory controlled by an ally ('protégé') - of the defender" (p. 424).

How did the US government fight back against pirate attacks?

The US refused to pay the Barbary pirates and formed an armed force to fight them.

Who began to rebel against their English king when laws were enacted to force conformity to the Church of England?

i think it was the catholics? not sure though

What is an enslaved person?

An enslaved person is a slave. Furthermore, to my knowledge at least, an enslaved person is a person who has been forced into slavery against their individual will by some external deliberate force.

What happened at the battle of bunkerhill?

A force of Colonial Militia faced of against a larger force of British regular troops at Charlestown Massachusetts. The Colonial militia used fortifications against the oncoming British assault. A commander of the Colonial force order his troops not to fire until the British regulars came in considerable distance from their lines. The order was known as "don't fire until you see the whites in their eyes". Because of firearms at the time and fewer resources of the colonials, the intent of this order was to not waste ammunition and ensure accuracy. The British force, although suffering over 1000 casualties, managed to take the position and thus win a costly victory.

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A kind of force that gets exerted as tectonic plates push against each other?

This answer is popstres

What is a tectonic force?

A tectonic force is the push between the tectonic plates

Do tectonic plates make friction?

Friction itself is a naturally occurring force but yes, tectonic plates do encounter friction.

How can the movement of tectonic plates create a mountain?

The plates push and pull and grind against each other they push together the force goes up and they form large mountains!

What force pulls tectonic plates toward each other?


What does a force that shapes the earths surface by building up mountains and landmasses?

It's the tectonic plates pushing against each other, forcing the land upwards.

What is the name of the force that is causing movement at the this fault?

The force that is causing movement at this fault is called tectonic force. These forces are generated by the movement and interaction of the Earth's tectonic plates.

Blood pressure is the force exerted against what?

artery wall

What word means force exerted against something?


What force occurs where Earth's plates are moving apart?

Tectonic forces (earthquakes, volcanoes...)

When you standing on the floor does the floor exert an upward force against your feet How much force does it exert?

Because your feet are not accelerating, the force exerted by the floor upon your feet must be exactly the same as the force exerted by your feet on the floor. If you are standing, the amount of force exerted by your feet, and thus the amount of force exerted by the floor, is equivalent to your weight.

What science word means force exerted against something?