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"A confrontation in which the policymakers of one state

('defender') threaten the use of force against another state ('potential attacker') in an attempt to

prevent that state from using military force against an ally - or territory controlled by an ally

('protégé') - of the defender" (p. 424).

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Q: What is extended deterrence?
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What does Dr Richard Kugler mention with regard to providing protection under the aegis of extended or regional deterrence?

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A specific deterrence is a type of deterrence that attempts to persuade the individual before the court not to commit further offences. If offenders are punished severely, they are less likely to repeat their illegal acts.

What are the differences between specific and general deterrence?

Specific deterrence aims to prevent an individual offender from committing future crimes by imposing sanctions, such as prison sentences, on them. General deterrence seeks to discourage potential offenders in the broader society by making examples of specific offenders, showing the consequences of criminal behavior. Essentially, specific deterrence targets individual offenders, while general deterrence aims to prevent crime by sending a message to the public.

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