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you don't tell in what poem.

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Q: What contrast to the woman is set up in the second stanza?
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What is an explanation of stanza two?

Stanza two is the second set of lines in a poem or song that typically follows a consistent rhyme scheme or meter. It continues the narrative or theme of the piece and adds depth or complexity to the overall message. Each stanza serves as a building block in the overall structure of the work.

What is figure of speech in the poem The echoing green?

*Figure of speech of the echoing green poem *First stanza of the poem is set in 'personification'Second stanza of the poem is set in 'antitesis'Last stanza of the poem is set in'simile'

Why is the fifth stanza in Fifteen by William Stafford set off from the rest of the poem?

The fifth stanza in "Fifteen" by William Stafford is set off from the rest of the poem to emphasize the moment of reflection and introspection. By isolating this stanza, the poet creates a pause that draws attention to the speaker's contemplation about the passing of time and the significance of each year of a person's life. This stanza serves as a pivotal point in the poem, allowing the reader to pause and reflect on its deeper meaning.

What is the difference between stanza and paragraph?

A stanza is a section of a poem that consists of two or more lines. A paragraph is a section of writing that normally consists of five or more sentences.

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What is an example of Stanza?

A stanza is a section of a poem, it can range from a, line, to whole paragraphs, depending on its melody. In Alexander Pushkin's poem "It's Time My Friend," the first section or the words between "It's time" and "abruptly die" comprise the first of the poem's two stanzas.

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How many lengths are there in a stanza?

A stanza typically contains a set number of lines, referred to as lengths. The number of lengths in a stanza can vary depending on the form of the poem being written. Stanzas can range from 2 lines (couplet) to many lines (e.g. a sestina with 39 lines).

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Which type of poem repeats the same six words in each stanza to add a sense of complexity?

A sestina is a type of poem that repeats the same six words in each stanza in a specific pattern to create complexity and depth. The six words, known as "teleutons," are typically used at the end of lines in each stanza and are rotated in a set order throughout the poem.

What is a three stanza poem?

A three stanza poem is a poem that consists of three grouped sets of lines. Each stanza may contain a set number of lines and follow a specific rhyme scheme or pattern, depending on the form of the poem. Stanzas are often used to organize ideas and create a structured flow within a poem.