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If the right to freedom of the press was not included in the constitution, journalists could have a difficult time holding elected officials accountable. Citizens could also be less informed about important issues.

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the news might say one thing but be thinking another not because they want to its because the government tells them to. they make el chapo look bad on any social media but el chapo is the coolest guy he actually helps his people the government makes him look bad because he cant be controlled by them that's why they use social media because people now a days or as i like to call them mallennials believe everything the media says

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Q: What could happen if the rights to freedom of press were not included in the constitution?
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When was the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom included in the Constitution Act?

in 1989 the Canadian charter of rights and freedom was added to the Constitution act.

Did the constitution give us freedom of speech?

No..first they made the constitution..then later the declaration of independence and in it, was the bill of rights which included freedom of speech..

What are five of the rights included in the Bill of Rights as amendments to the US Constitution?

Freedom of speech, Freedom to a fair trial, Freedom of assembly, Right to bear arms, Freedom of religon

Does the US Constitution mention freedom of rights?

No. Nowhere in the constitution is "freedom of rights" mentioned

What are the two rights that are guaranteed to citizens under the first amendment to the constitution of the US?

Two rights that were included were the Freedom of Speech and Jury Trials.

In germany what are the citizens rights?

Under the German constitution citizens have equal rights. These rights includes right to vote. Freedom of movement is also included in this rights.

The Bill of Rights was added to the US Constitution to guarantee a set of personal liberties to American citizens These included freedom of the press, freedom from government-established or -suppor?

It was good to protect the freedom of individuals.

Why were the Bill of Rights included with the Constitution?

They were added after the constitution was adopted to protect our rights

How does the constitution protect the freedom and security of a person?

The U.S. Constitution protects individual rights through the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution. Some of the freedoms listed are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc.

What rights are included in the first amendment?

The First Amendment in the United States constitution gives an individual the rights to: *Freedom of speech *Freedom of the press *Freedom of assembly *Freedom of religion

What does the U.S. Constitution have but not the Texas Constitution?

A bill of rights is included in the US Constitution.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen included which rights?

the freedom of speech