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scanning electron microscope

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Q: What could produce an image of individual atoms?
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What technique can be used to visualize individual atoms?

In 1981 the Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) was invented. The STM has ultrahigh resolution and can image single atoms.

Can plane and convex mirrors produce real image?

no it does not produce real image . it produce virtual and erect image

What type of image does a plane image produce?

Plane mirrors produce a virtual image.

Could a laser light with holograph see molecules and atoms?

No. Atoms and molecules are far smaller than the wavelengths of visible light, so light cannot be used to image them.

How does a concave image produce an image?

An image does not produce an image. However, a concave mirror, specifically one witha parabolic figure, forms an image in its focal plane of an infinitely distant object.

Is amniocentesis a technique used to produce an image of the fetus?

No, ultrasound is a technique used to produce an image of the fetus.

Does a projector need a screen in order to produce an image?

No you dont need a screen, you could just use a wall

Does convex lens produce real image?

Yes, a convex lens can produce a real image when the object is placed beyond the focal point of the lens. The real image is formed on the opposite side of the lens from the object.

What kind of microscope allows scientists to view indivisual atoms?

"View" may not be exactly the right word. A Scanning Tunneling Microscope can be used to gather data that a computer can turn into an image, but they're not really "seeing" the individual atoms directly.

What microscope used to create the first image of an atom?


Can you see atoms with a microscopes?

Traditional light microscopes cannot see individual atoms due to their limited resolution, typically on the scale of hundreds of nanometers. Specialized techniques such as scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy have been developed to image individual atoms by scanning a sharp probe tip over a surface at extremely close distances.

How does image produce an image?

The light reflecting off of it in your line of site