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The political "image consultant" strives to make chronic narcissists seem to be "just like us" and, at the same time, "better than us," albeit oh-so-politely.

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Q: What do political and personal image consultants do?
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Do you have personal image consultant in your store. Nancy?

Personal Image Consultants does have a consultant in their Boca Raton store.

Where can one find information about image consultants?

One can find information about image consultants on the official website of the Association of Image Consultants International. This website lists extensive information about image consultants.

When was Arno Political Consultants created?

Arno Political Consultants was created in 1979.

Where can I find image consultants that are local?

You should look in your local phone directory or the yellow pages or you could even go on the internet. Just type in "image consultants" under your city or county and it will show you where your local image consultants can be found.

Should politicians use image consultants?

I think politicians should NOT use image consultants, because they have to show their own personality and not have people tell them how to act and hide their own personality, plus it's a waste of money.

What is the salary of an image consultant?

Image consultants can get paid up to 50 dollars an hour. It all depends on experiance. The average image consultant makes 39,000 a year.

What has the author Richard K Carlson written?

Richard K. Carlson has written: 'Personal selling strategies for consultants and professionals' -- subject(s): Consultants, Marketing, Professions, Selling

What does an image consultant do?

An image consultant is one that would be hired to improve a person's personal image. The consultant will assist in achieving an image to match a job position or goals in order to provide more confidence and allow one to feel good about ones self.

What has the author Tom Lowe written?

Tom Lowe has written: 'Spin' -- subject(s): Fiction, Political consultants

What can a satellite image show you that a political map can't?

The satellite image shows topography, natural and manmade features without political borders.

Where can you find legal consultants?

Legal consultants are best found from a personal recommendation. Failing that one could apply to the Citizen's Advice Bureau for a good suggestion, or use a website like Right Consultant.

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