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The terms could be dissident or objector by conscience.

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Q: What is the term for when your personal beliefs go against those of your political party?
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What is one of the most important influences on lawmaker's voting behavior?

Concerns of voters, political party's, special interest groups, the president, the nature of the issue, and personal beliefs

Where are a political party's beliefs stated?

In their party's platform.

What is an organization pf people with similar political beliefs and goals?

A political party - which if it is in power is called a government.

How do you choose a political party?

Look at your political beliefs and see which one matches you closer. You dont have to change your other political beliefs to match it is well, the party names are a general title

What is the most important thing political partys look for in candidates?

Someone who shares the party's beliefs.

What is a group of people with similar political beliefs?

A group of people with similar political beliefs is called a political faction or a political party. Members of a political faction or party often share common goals, ideologies, and values, and work together to influence government policies and decision-making.

Where are the beliefs of a political party found?

To be in Congress with all the other people in the democratic party

What is the series of statements that express a party's beliefs?

I believe you mean a political party's platform which lists their main uniting beliefs and goals.

What are the beliefs and goals of betito mussolini's political party?


Group which supports its beliefs and canidates for office?

political party

What is a group which supports its beliefs and candidates for office?

political party

What are the beliefs or doctorine that drives a political party called?