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party platform

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Q: Which term best describes a list of principles and beliefs held by a political party?
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Where are a political party's beliefs stated?

In their party's platform.

What best describes what the kuomintang was?

The Kuomintang was a political party in the Republic of China, commonly called the Chinese Nationalist Party, which is the current ruling political party in Taiwan. The guiding ideology is the Three Principles of the People, advocated by Sun Yat-sen.

What is the series of statements that express a party s principles and beliefs?


What is a party's statement of principles beliefs and positions on vital issues?


What is an organization pf people with similar political beliefs and goals?

A political party - which if it is in power is called a government.

What is the most important thing political partys look for in candidates?

Someone who shares the party's beliefs.

How do you choose a political party?

Look at your political beliefs and see which one matches you closer. You dont have to change your other political beliefs to match it is well, the party names are a general title

What is a group of people with similar political beliefs?

A Political Party, such as Republicans, and Democrats

What is a document stating the aims and principles of a political party?


What is a document stating aims and principles of a political party?


What does politicial party platform mean?

A document that states the aims, principles and beliefs on the party.

Group which supports its beliefs and canidates for office?

political party