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Q: What countries consume the most ketchup?
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On average we will consume three of these a year?

Bottles of Ketchup

What two countries consume the most pasta?

Italy and china

What countries consume the most energy?

As of current data, the countries that consume the most energy include China, the United States, and India. These countries have large populations and significant industrial activities that drive their energy consumption.

What is most popular condiment in North America?

Ketchup is the most popular condiment in North America.

Will a restaurant supply store stock ketchup?

Tomato ketchup is one of the most well known condiments across the world. New types of ketchup are also now on the market such as Mushroom ketchup. All types of ketchup are available from most reputable restaurant supply stores.

Why is the United States more insulated from the global economy than most countries?

Most of what Americans consume is produced in the United States.

Why can you never find kraft ketchup?

The Kraft web site informed me that Kraft Ketchup is available in some European countries, but, is not available in the United States.

What countries consume the most food?

china consumes the most food, they even bring it to America (Chinese) food, they are unhealthy but i think china consumes the most

What state is Heinz ketchup made in?

Most Heinz ketchup is produced in the plant in Fremont, Ohio.

What is the most popular condiment?

Ketchup. You will find it in almost every fridge anywhere.

What is the most popular hamburger condiment?


Is ketchup good for the human body?

Ketchup is generally safe to consume in moderation, but it is high in sugar and can contain added preservatives. It is not considered a health food as it is low in nutrients and can contribute to excess sugar intake if consumed in large amounts. Moderation is key when including ketchup in your diet.