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Most first and second world countries offer schooling, at least up to high school. Others that are at war, or are third world countries, are concentrating on issues of survival (ie. food, shelter) and schooling is spotty at best. Many African, Indian and Asian countries have districts that are in this situation.

Russia only offers a free education up to about 12 years old and then to go on parents pay for a higher education. I learned while there, that most well off parents pay for private school education from the very start. Germany offers free education to about 12 as well and then a state test is given. IF the child fails the test he/she is put into a vocational track education to learn a trade, but if the parents can afford a better school/education the child can continue. Millions of the world's children have no education at all due to the many factors the first writer listed. Children as young as 5 and 6 years old are working in sweat shops to make the world's toys, shoes, and clothing items. There are children in India who cut diamonds all day and in Indonesia who have to "work the streets" to make a living. In many African countries children are sold to or stolen by rebel groups to make child armies where they are given drugs and forced to kill.

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Q: What countries don't provide free education?
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