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On May 10, 1940, Germany attacked the countries of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as France. Germany had already taken Czechoslovakia and Poland, and was on a frightening campaign to dominate the world.

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Countries and territories annexed before World War 2:

  • Austria (1938)
  • Sudetenland (1938)
  • Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia) - (March 1939)
  • Memel (part of Lithuania) - (March 1939)
  • Slovakia was set up as a German puppet state (1939)

Countries invaded by Germany during World War 2:

  1. Poland (1939)
  2. Denmark (1940)
  3. Norway (1940)
  4. Belgium (1940)
  5. The Netherlands (aka Holland) - 1940
  6. Luxembourg (1940)
  7. France (1940)
  8. The Channel Islands (UK depencencies) - 1940
  9. Greece (1941)
  10. Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia) - 1941.
  11. Soviet Union (Russia - part only, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) -1941
  12. Egypt (- part only) 1942

In addition, much of Italy (1943) after it had changed sides, and Hungary (1944) also after it tried to change sides.

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By 1941 Japan had invaded

Manchuria (Province of China)



French Indochina

Hong Kong

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during WW2 Germany invaded Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourgurg

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The invasion of the west on May 10th 1940 defeated the Netherlands & Luxembourg & Belgium & France.

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France and Belgium.

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Q: What countries were invaded on may10 1940?
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Hitler violated the Munich agreement when he invaded in 1939?

When Hitler invaded Poland and other countries in 1939 and 1940 he violated the Munich Agreement.

Countries invaded by Hitler during April and May of 1940?

Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, & Luxembourg

When did Germany invaded the Netherlands?

Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 10th 1940.

Which countries had Germany advanced into by 1940?

Germany had advanced into areas such as the rhineland and the sudetanland. They had also invaded Czech of Slovakia and Poland

How long is it from May10 to Christmas?


How long before Hitler attacked another country after Poland?

Denmark and Norway were the next countries the Nazis invaded (April 1940).

Date Hitler invaded Paris?

He invaded on the 10 May 1940.

When did the Nazis invade Holland?

The Jews never invaded no one , the Jews got invaded by the Nazis! and holland cooked burgers and had a great milkshake from macdonalds for Christmas dinner The Jews invaded Palestine in 1947.

Did Germany declare war on any country between 1939 and 1945 before invading it?

31 August 1939 Poland declared war on Germany 03 September 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany 10 May 1940 the Netherlands declared war on Germany 06 April 1941 Germany declared war on Yugoslavia 16 December 1941 Czechoslovakia declared war on Germany 22 June 1942 Germany declared war on the Soviet Union I have found no declarations of war between Germany and the following countries which they invaded: Denmark (invaded April 1940) Norway (invaded April 1940) Belgium (invaded May 1940) Luxemburg (invaded May 1940) Greece (invaded April 1941)

What countries did Hitler attack and conquer in spring of 1940?

Denmark Norway Netherlands belguim

Who invaded the Soviet Union in 1940?


Who invaded France in 1940?

The German Army.