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Engage in war unless invaded.

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Engage in war unless invaded

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Q: What power does the u.s. constitution deny the state?
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Why does The US Constitution deny inherent power?

im not sure but i think its because they dont want to start the whole king and quen thing over again

Does the federal government derive its power to govern from the US Constitution?

Yes. The division of federal and state powers is outlined in the Constitution.

Does the US Constitution give the people power or control their power?

The Constitution gives more power to the people.

Does a state law or federal constitution have higher power?

The Federal level is higher than the State Level. The US Constitution wins over any State law deemed unconstitutional.

The principle of federalism in the US Constitution is reflected in?

the division of power between the national and state governments

What refers to power give to the state governments but not to the national government?

in the US, the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution

Compare state constitutions and US Constitution?

The US Constitution is the founding document of the country. Before that document was approved, however, state governments were made through state constitutions. The state constitutions only applied to the states, however, while the US Constitution applies to the whole nation. For an example, a state constitution will not have articles that deal with foreign treaties or tariffs because the US Constitution gives that power to the federal government. Also, the state may have a constitution that speaks about the death penalty. This will not be found in the US Constitution, as all duties not provided by the federal government belonged to the states. With that said, the US Constitution has an amendment forbidding cruel or unusual punishment. This means that the US states cannot pass death sentence laws that conflict with the US Constitution.

What state did Van Buren deny into the US?


Why is New York a state?

It was a reluctant entry into the US because it lost much of its Big State Power. It did join the Union although it did not vote for the US Constitution.

What state approved the US Constitution first?

Delaware was the first state to approve the US Constitution.

Which state was first approve the US Constitution?

Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution.

How did they protect people from future government tyranny?

The US Constitution provided a limited amount of power to the government and explicitly stated that any power not given by the constitution to the national government is automatically power of the state governors.