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Q: What country did the US defeat in the Revolutionary War?
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What country did the US defeat in the revolutionary?


What did the US defeat in the revolutionary war?


How did french help the US during revolutionary war?

Well I think the French became allies with America and helped the young country defeat Great Britain!

What country was the first to recognize the US as a country after becoming their ally?

France after the revolutionary war

How was the US affected by the Revolutionary War?

USA became a free country

What country did the US fight duting the revolutionary war?

Great Britain

What Eeuropean country supported the us during the Revolutionary War?


Which country besides France helped the us in the revolutionary war?


Why the US was able to defeat England in the Revolutionary War?

They had a professional force facing a poorly trained and equipped militia.

What country did US fight during the revolutionary way?

During the revolutionary war, United States fought England.

Who was the U.S. President during the Revolutionary War?

The US was not YET a country, and there WAS no President.

What war made the US a free country?

civil war i think. nope it was the Revolutionary War " the british are coming"