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There was never a second American Revolutionary War, there was only one.

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Q: What did the US and Great Britain fight about in the second American Revolutionary war?
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The war betweent he 13 American colonies and great Britain?

revolutionary war

How did Great Britain affect the Revolutionary War?

They started the Boston Massacre. Great Britain lost the American colony as a result of the war.

Who won the American Revolutionary War the 13 colonies or Great Britain?

13 colonies

What countries did the American's fight against during the Revolutionary War?

England/Great Britain

What country did the American colonies fight against to gain their independence?

The American colonists were seeking independence from Great Britain. In order to have that independence, the American Revolutionary War was fought.

Who aided Great Britain and who Aided America during the American revolutionary war?

In the Revolutionary War, Great Britain was aided by German Hessian forces, while America obtained troops and support from the French.

What was Great Britain fighting for during the American revolutionary war?

Great Brittan did not want to lose the colonies it had claimed.

Who won the war Great Britain or the U Scolonies?

The American colonists won the Revolutionary War.

Why is the Revolutionary War the most important war?

It secured freedom for the American colonies from Great Britain

Was Spain the first country to recognize American independence from great Britain during the revolutionary?


What country did the American colonists fight against in revolutionary war?

Great Britain. France was on our side.

What was the war in which the US won its independence from Great Britain?

The Revolutionary War, also known as the American Revolution (1775-1783)