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In the Revolutionary War, Great Britain was aided by German Hessian forces, while America obtained troops and support from the French.

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Q: Who aided Great Britain and who Aided America during the American revolutionary war?
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What country did the American fight during the revolutionary?

America only fought Great Britain, but had help from The Netherlands, Spain, and France.

What country fought the American colonists?

Britain was the American colonists' primary adversary.

What good things did Britain do to help America during the Revolutionary war?

about the same as gemrany did to help America during ww2

What countries did the American's fight against during the Revolutionary War?

England/Great Britain

What are taxes imposed on America during the American revolutionary war?

stamp act

Was Spain the first country to recognize American independence from great Britain during the revolutionary?


What to put for letter k in revolutionary war book?

King Mountain, South Carolina was the scene of a major battle during the American Revolutionary War. King George III was King of Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War who was in control of England?

King George III and British Parliament were in control of Great Britain during the American Revolutionary war.

British casualties during revolutionary war?

Britain suffered approximately 24,000 casualties in the American Revolutionary War. Also, 7,554 Germans died fighting on the side of the British. The war was fought from 1775 to 1783, and resulted in a victory for America.

How did the french fight in the Revolutionary War?

The French supported America during the American Revolutionary War in fact they wrote the Treaty of Paris making America Independent!

What country did the American colonies fight against to gain their independence?

The American colonists were seeking independence from Great Britain. In order to have that independence, the American Revolutionary War was fought.

Poland and Germany were allies of Britain during American revolution?

Were Poland and Germany allies with the United States during the Revolutionary War?