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The Declaratory Act during the American Revolution mentioned that the Parliament of Great Britain had authority in America, just like what they had in Britain. So they had the authority to pass binding laws on American colonies.

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It was a way to reassert the American colonies to take more control of them and be more powerful, which was one of the reasons the Revolutionary War was started.

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The response was that America did not like it so tht's why other acts were made.

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It allowed Britain to gain more control over the colonies and pass any law it felt it needed to govern them.

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Q: What was the American response to the declaratory act in 1766?
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What year did the declaratory act happen in?

The date of the declaratory act is March 18, 1766.

Where did the declaratory act take place?

The Declaratory Act or the American Colonies Act of 1766 was enacted by Parliament and imposed on the American colonies. It was developed after the Stamp Act of 1765 was repealed. The Act was made to establish Britain's dominance over the colonies.

In the Act of 1766 the Parliament once again stated that it had the power to make the laws for the colonies?

Declaratory Act

The purpose of British Declaratory act of 1766?

the declaratory act declared that briten had the right to tax the colonies.

What year did did the declaratory act happen?


What was the effect of the declaratory act?

ANSWER:In response to the American uproar, Parliament repealed the Stamp Act in the spring of 1766. But to save face it passed the Declaratory Act, which declared that Parliament had full power to pass laws and levy taxes on America "in all cases whatsoever."

Who passed the declaratory act?

The house of commons passed the declaratory act on the 18th of march 1766

Which of the acts gave parliament the supreme control to govern the colonies?

The Declaratory Act

What is the decalarty act of 1766?

The declaratory act of 1766 is an act Britain used to replace the stamp act the declaratory act is to- proclaim the right of Britain to pass laws regulating the colonies(including trade)

When did parliament pass the declaratory act?

it started in 1766

When was the Declaratory Act passed?

In 1766 by the Parliament of Great Britain.

Which act stated that England's government had the absolute power to make laws and changes to the colonial government in all cases?

declaratory Act