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they lived happily ever after in Canada, Britain, or Bahamas.

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Q: What happened as the loyalists left to Canada during the American revolutionary war?
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What happened to the loyalists after the revolutionary war?

53,000 left for Canada. They were harassed and discriminated against by other people.

What happened to the Loyalists after the war?

The loyalists were individuals that lived within the colonies yet still gave their loyalty to the British. After the Revolutionary War many of the loyalist left the colonies to live in Canada territories.

Who were the colonist that remained faithful to the king after the reveloutionary war?

they were called the loyalists or, united empire loyalists. they fled to new brunswick and Canada after the revolutionary war. they were called the loyalists or, united empire loyalists. they fled to new brunswick and Canada after the revolutionary war.

Why did loyalists come to Canada after the American revolutionary war?

Many Loyalists wanted to remain 'loyal' to King George. Many were harassed by neighboring patriots after the war because they knew the loyalists' preference for the King. The loyalists were bullied and so, they decided to leave by ship for Canada. Though many stayed in Canada, eventually some did return to the US soil.

Throughout the American Revolution about 28000 Loyalists went to where?


What was the movement of people like following the Revolutionary War?

Loyalists emigrated to Canada, the West Indies, and England. One commentator said, "There is hardly a village in England that does not have some American dust in it."

What large group of American colonists settled in Canada after the revolution?


what group of Americans didn't want the us going to war with Britain?

American colonists who were opposed to the Revolutionary War were known as United Empire Loyalists. Many of them wound up moving to Canada.

What are loyalists?

In the American Revolutionary War, Loyalists were colonists that wished to remain loyal to the British crown rather than revolt. Many fled back to Britain or north to its newly acquired lands now known as Canada.

Where loyalist punished after the Revolutionary War?

Different things happened to some of the loyalists. Some of them fled back to England. Others were caught and had their property taken from them. Some were even exiled, which, in a time with unexplored territory, was a rather gruesome fate.

How did the british government assist the loyalists to settle in Canada?

After the American Revolution, the British government helped loyalists to settle in Canada. The British government offered them Canadian land in exchange for their service.

How did the American Revolution affect Canadian history?

Canada was greatly enriched by the many new Canadian citizens it had gained because of the influx of so many Loyalist British who chose to move to Canada after the American Revolution. It is true that a small number went home to England and a few Southern Loyalists made a new start in the Caribbean and they took thousands of slaves with them.