What country has the most people in politics?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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I would imagine America. There are mayors for cities, representatives for states, senators, and so much more. governors, president and its people in the White House, campaign managers and people, supporters, and more positions than that, for like states,counties,cities and the capital Washington DC with the white house,supreme court, etc.

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India- it has 364 political parties

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Q: What country has the most people in politics?
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In which country there are the most of people?

the country with the most people is CHINA

What is the best source for politics?

The best source for politics depends on the political party and the country they are from. Most political parties have a website or a blog devoted specifically to them.

Why young people don't vote?

because it is thought that they do not know about politics and the best interests of the country.

What country does most people hate?

The country that most people hate is China.

Why would it be important for a person running for a political office to have a background in the social sciences?

Politics is a field that needs to be handled by people who are an expert in it. After all its about governing the country. Its not that we do not have politicians from a political science background. we do, but today, we need people who have studied the politics well to get into politics.

Why did south korea want a democratic government?

South Koreans, like most people, wanted a say in the politics of their own country and to have individual rights and freedoms. This is why they pushed for democracy in Korea.

How bureaucracy fits within overall US politics?

A system of control, wrapped in the faced of people helping people for the betterment of the country

In which country do most of the regions people live?

China is the country in which most of the regions people do live

Why is it important for the Federal Bureaucracy to be neutral with regard to partisan politics?

It is important for the federal bureacracy to be neutral with regard to partisan politics because the bureaucracy is expected to do what is in the best interest of the people and the country. Partisan politics gets in the way of that.

In what way is politics pure or noble?

In NO way, most people do not trust politicians.

How does migration influence a country's politics?

Because of the changing in politics, and spread of politics and beliefs to other regions.

Politics as a game of power?

the game itself was for each leader to try and make his country the most powerful in the game the most powerful wins:)