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The United States was never yet made. They were still the Colonials. And the Colonials fought the Monarchy of Great Britain.

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the Americans

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Q: What country won the American Revolution?
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Who won the American Revolution north or south?

I think you are referring to the Civil War in which the north won. In the American Revolution the sides were the colonies and Britain. The colonies won in that war.

What is 1 fact about the American revolution?

The American Colonists won.

Who won the French versus American Revolution?

There is no French vs. American revolution. But the French and Indian war was won by the British colonies in America all with the help of Britain. This then led to the "taxation without representation" of the colonies and the American revolution.

Who won the battle of Princeton in the American revolution?

The Americans won the battle of Princeton

Was the American revolution won by technology?

no by guns and our forefathers

Who won the Battle of Georgetown in the American Revolution?

The British.

The American revolution indirectly inspired a revolution in which other country?


How did the french-american alliance affect the American revolution?

The Frano-American Alliance won the American revolution. French money, weapons, ships and commanders were vital to the American victory.

Who won the battle of Freemans farm in the American Revolution?

The Americans won the Battle of Freeman's Farm.

Who won the Americam Revolution?

The Colonists won their independence from Great Britain.

The European country which assisted the American Colonists during the American Revolution was?

France Allied itself with the American Revolution after the Battle of Saratoga.

What role did the American Revolution play in history?

The American Revolution helped shpae our country to what ti is today. The American Revolution is where the Patriots fought for their right to be independent from Britain.