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Q: What cultural influences combined to produce Russian culture?
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What culture influences combined to produce Russian culture?


Ocean centered geography explains cultural ties because?

trade influences culture regardless of distance.

What is a restriction of a culture from outside culture influences?

A restriction of a culture from outside influences is that it may lead to stagnation or limited growth, as the culture may resist new ideas or changes. This can result in a lack of innovation and cultural evolution. Additionally, isolation from outside influences can also lead to cultural insensitivity or misunderstandings when interacting with other cultures.

The cultural influences in William Shakespeares time?

what was the culture of the people in shakespeare time

What is an example of cultural hybridism?

people of a culture who have a complex and diverse amount of influences

The study of culture is called what geography?

The study of culture in geography is called cultural geography. It focuses on how human culture influences and is influenced by the landscape and environment.

What food and cultural influences are in Saskatchewan?

I would like to know the same thing, there is no culture there. Grr..

What is sociocultural differences?

An adoption of the most dominant culture's values and influences

The historical and cultural perspective of a story is?

.the way the culture and the time in which the author writes influences the story

How does cultural context influence development?

Cultural context influences development because it dictates the kinds of methods and strategies that would work in a certain culture. When the business researches the culture of a population, it can then tailor its products and services to that culture.

What term describes the idea that membership in a particular culture influences a person's behavior and beliefs?

Cultural context

What is the definition of culture divergence?

The result of the restriction of a culture from the outside cultural influences;Cultural divergence is the tendency for cultures to become increasingly dissimilar with time (as opposed to cultural convergence, which is the tendency for cultures to become increasingly similar with time).