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The British surrendered on October 19, 1781 on the Yorktown peninsula. Cornwallis, the British commander, was too embarrassed to attend the traditional surrender ceremony himself, so he sent his second in command, Charles O'Hara. O'Hara attempted to surrender his leader's sword to the French Commander Rochambeau. Rochambeau declined and directed O'Hara to General George Washington. Washington also did not accept the sword, and sent O'Hara to his own second in command, Benjamin Lincoln.

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Q: What date did the surrender at Yorktown end?
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When did the British surrender at Yorktown take place?

October 19, 1781 was the date of Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown.

The surrender by the British marking the end of the fighting?


Where did the British general Cornwallis surrender to American forces leading to the end of the American revolutionary war?

At the Battle of Yorktown.

How did the battle Yorktown end?

Cornwallis did surrender to Washington in the field at Yorktown effectively ending the War for Independence.

Where did the English surrender bringing an end to the Revolutionary War?

At yorktown. -Grace

Where did General Cornwallis surrender?

General Cornwallis surrendered in Yorktown, Virginia, heralding the end of the Revolutionary War.General Cornwallis surrendered in Yorktown.

Where did Cornwallis surrender?

At the Battle of Yorktown

What is considered to be the end of the Revolutionary War?

Lord Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown is being considered the end of the Revolutionary War.

When did the colonist surrender Yorktown?

The colonists did not surrender Yorktown. They captured it in the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.

What is the surrender of Yorktown?

its when the britsh surrender to gergore washington

What where some consequences of the battle of Yorktown?

The most significant consequence of the battle of Yorktown was the end of the Revolutionary War. The American army and the French navy fenced in British General Cornwallis and his troops, and forced Cornwallis to surrender. His surrender at Yorktown meant the surrender of the entire war to the Americans, and created the country now known as the United States of America.

Where did British General Cornwallis surrender to the American forces leading to the end of the revolutionary war?

At the Battle of Yorktown.