What decides gender?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Your chromosome, if you have two x chromosome your a female, 1 x and 1 y your a male.

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Q: What decides gender?
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Which parent's gamete decides the gender of a child?

The Father's.

How do you make your sim have a baby girl?

You can not chose the gender, the game decides what you will get.

Who gives a child its sex?

What decides the gender in a embryo is in the sperms so it's the male.

Do trans gender men get a penis?

Yes, if they decides to get sex reassignment surgery or use a prosthesis.

What decides how much energy you need?

Age, gender, fitness level, level of physical activity are the main contributors.

How is the gender of the baby chosen weeks in pregnancy or the day it was conceived?

the man decides the sex of the baby by his spern when concieveing

Can you choose if your child is a boy or a girl on the sims 2?

No you can't pick the gender of your Sims children, you get whatever the game decides to give you.

Is it the dad that decides if the baby is a boy or girl?

You cannot decide your baby's gender. But you can do things to help improve your chances in getting a female or a male baby.

Is the ovule of a flower male or female?

No. Ovary is part of a bisexual or female flower

What is the name of the first female robot?

Robots are gender neutral. When building a robot the manufacturer may decide to endow it with what we may consider to be male or female characteristics, but the robot will still be gender neutral. And of course, the builder of the robot may give it whatever name he/she decides.

Who decides the names that are used for storms each year?

The National Hurricane Center World Meteorological Organization decides the names. Usually the names are just re-used every six years except for really bad storms which have their names retired from the cycle an replaced with one of the same gender and beginning letter (for example Andrew was replaced by Alex).

Who decides what good literature is?

who decides what good literature is ?