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Q: What decisions did Washington and the first Congress have to make about the new government?
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How did the first congress support president Washington in establishing the executive branch?

Congress Set up 3 department and two offices in the executive branch of government

The first government of the United States did not have a president or a national what?


Who elected George Washington President?

He was asked to be the first president by Congress. The United States didn't elect people as we do today. Our founding fathers felt that the population in general was not educated enough to vote so the three branches were elected by Congress.

What was the first US national government?

The first national government was the Second Continental Congress. It raised funds and coordinated the activities of the various colonies during the Revolutionary War. The "Articles of Confederation" was not a government but a document, drafted in 1777. They effectively governed the practices of the Congress even before their ratification in 1781. Under the Articles, the US government consisted of only one federal institution - a congress in which each state received just one vote. It was led by an officer they called "a President." Congress had the power to oversee the military. John Hancock was the President of this congress from May 24, 1775 to October 31, 1777. The Articles of Confederation were replaced by the US Constitution, which was ratified in June, 1788. The following year, the first President of the United States, George Washington, took office.

Progress made by the First Continental Congress?

The first Continental Congress created the Continental army and also wrote the Declaration of Independence. The Continental Congress is also responsible for making George Washington the General of the Army.

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How did the first congress support president Washington in establishing the executive branch?

Congress Set up 3 department and two offices in the executive branch of government

Is it true that George Washington was not the first president he was only the first president t be elected?

Washington was the first President under government set-up by the U.S. Constitution. There were ten 'Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled' under the Articles of Confederation, but they were merely the presiding officer of Congress.

Who was the first president of the US under the first inital government and how was he elected?

George Washington was the first in 1789 and all 13 states in Congress voted for him. John Adams was his VP

What decisions were made by the First Continental Congress?

One of the Congress major decision was to endorse the Suffolk Resolves.

George Washington was awarded the very first what with the Thanks of Congress?

with the thanks of congress

What decisions did patriot leaders make at the first continental congress?


What was the first national government?

Albany Congress Albany Congress

Who was the leader the first continental congress?

It is George Washington

Who presided over the continental congress?

. Who presided over the Congress Were first -

What decisions or accmplishments did George Washington?

he was president the first one.

Was thomas Jefferson in the first continental congress?

yes he was. he was in it with George Washington but left the second continental congress. i think but he was in the first

Who was the first constitutional government of the US?

the first continental congress