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Department of Foreign Affairs: Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson

Treasury Department: Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton

War Department: Secretary of War Henry Knox

Justice Department: Attorney General Edmund Randolph

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The cabinet and he gave Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton. Edmound Randolph

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Henry Knox

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Q: What department did Washington create and whom did he appoint to head them?
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Who did Davis appoint in 1862 to head the department of the west?

Joseph E. Johnston

Who was first head of department of treasury?

Alexander Hamilton

What is the President of the US role as Personnel Recruiter?

The president must appoint a department head for each cabinet department. They also must select a Supreme Court justice in the case of a vacancy.

Who did Washington select as head of the state department?

President George Washington selected Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State.

Who did Lyndon B. Johnson appoint as the first African American to serve as a cabinet member?

Robert C. Weaver, head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

How did Washington organize his Cabinet?

He divided the work of the Executive Branch into departments and used the head of each department as an advisor.

Who was the accomplished scientist who was the head of the department of research at Tuskegee Institute and developed 300 products from peanuts?

George Washington Carver

What is the title of the head of the department of state?

The title of the head of the Department of State is Secretary of State.

Who did Lincoln appoint head of the union army?

General Grant

What is address of the state Head Start office in Washington?

Head Start State Collaboration Office Department of Early LearningP.O. Box 40970 Olympia, WA 98504-0970

How long was George Washington Carver a scientist?

He was head of the Tuskegee Institute agriculture department from 1896 to 1910, and head of department of research from 1910 to1943. That is 47 years.

What is the head of exectutive department called?

The head of the executive department could be called the Executive Department Head, supervisor, manager, etc.