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Timothy Geithner is the Secretary of Treasury which means he is the head of the department

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Timothy Geithner

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Q: Who is the current Head of the Department of the Treasury?
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Current issues of the department of treasury?

fix taxes

Who was first head of department of treasury?

Alexander Hamilton

What is the name of the departmentalgroup that advises the president?

It is called the Cabinet. The Cabinet consists of all the department heads appointed by the president and they individually and collectively advise the president on the decisions he must make. Head of the Justice Department is the Attorney General Head of the Labor Department is the Secretary of Labor Head of the Department of Defense is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Head of the Treasury Department is the Secretary of the Treasury There are several other departments in the Cabinet.

What executive department is responsible for producing currency borrowing money and managing public debt?

The Department Of Treasury

Does the attorney general mint money?

No. The Attorney General is the Head of the Department of Justice. The Department of Treasury is in charge of the US Mints, which is headed by the Secretary of the Treasury. See the link below.

Who is head of Department of Interior?

The current head of the U.S. Department of Interior is Ken Salazar.

The head of a department is called the?

Secretary. ie secrety of defense, state, treasury etc

Who runs the department treasury?

The Secretary of Treasury is in charge of the US Treasury Department.

Who is the sectary of the treasury?

In a democracy, a public employee appointed to the position to control and be head of policy of the treasury department. A senior member of the cabinet. In certain governments they may also have other duties as a part of their department.

What are the agencies in the Department of Treasury?

The Secret Service is part of the Department of Treasury.

When was Treasury Solicitor's Department created?

Treasury Solicitor's Department was created in 1876.

When was the US Treasury Department established?

United States Department of the Treasury federal executive department established in 1789.