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detail was given when frida kahlo was intruded

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Q: What detail in the passage suggests that president diaz was accustomed to being obeyed?
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Who can recommend the passage of a bill?

When a bill is introduced, it is referred to a committee so it can be examined in detail and discussed. The committee can then choose to recommend passage of the bill or they can discourage members from voting for the bill.

A list of people who success if the president dies?

Vice President, Speaker of the House, .. here is a link that goes into further detail

Who becomes Acting President if the President is disabled?

Sections 3 and 4 of the 25th amendment fill the disability gap, and in detail. The vice president is to become Acting President if 1) the president informs congress in writing, "that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office," or 2) the vice president and a majority of members of the cabinet inform congress, in writing, that the president is so incapacitated.

Is president the same as chairman?

In a general sense, the words 'president' and (ahem) 'chairperson' are similar. Their roles are overlapping, but the terms are not exactly synonymous. Although neither of the two words has a precise meaning that is distinct from the other, 'chairperson' suggests a more limited role than does 'president.' Many organizations have presidents, and in this context an organization can be anything from a local community association to a multi-national corporation. The president of an organization is usually the chief executive officer of that organization. If an organization has a comprehensive constitution, the duties of each executive member are usually listed in some detail. Usually, one of the duties of a president is to act as chairperson of the organization's meetings, but the term 'president' often implies ongoing responsibilities within the organization. In large organizations, the president might even be a full-time employee performing his or her presidential responsibilities. The role of a chairperson is usually limited to meetings. A chairperson is someone who coordinates whatever discussions are carried on at a particular meeting. That person often introduces both the agenda items and the speakers, or at least acknowledges the order in which people speak. S/he makes decisions as to whether or when a particular issue will be discussed. There are several generally recognized 'Rules of Order' to guide a chairperson, the most common being Roberts' Rules of Order. A person can act as the chairperson of a meeting on a one-time-only basis. With respect to the word 'President' when it is used in reference to a country's head of state, the term takes on political and governmental overtones. In this context, the word is usually capitalized. The duties and responsibilities of a President are complex, and could include acting as chairperson of certain committees, but not necessarily so. Such matters are often spelled out in detail, either in the country's constitution or other important documents.

Which kind of detail should always have a citation in a research paper?

i think the answer is statistics

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What detail is given in The Scarlet Letter that suggests that Hesters baby was born in jail?

Hester Prynne's baby was not costumed to sunlight, which suggests that it was born in the dark jail.

What can you infer about the narrator from this passage of The War of the Worlds?

The narrator in The War of the Worlds seems observant, curious, and detail-oriented based on the passage. They pay close attention to their surroundings and are reflective in their observations of the Martian arrival. The tone suggests a mix of fear, wonder, and a desire to understand the unfolding events.

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Including sensory details such as the sounds of birds chirping or the smell of fresh flowers in the air would enhance the richness of the passage.

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A main idea is not a supporting detail. Main ideas are the central points of a paragraph or passage, while supporting details provide evidence or examples to back up the main idea.

Can a woman be in the President's Secret Service detail?

Yes, and there have been and are many of them.

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the writing is focused on plants, but not plant types.

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What was the plan formed at the Potsdam Conference that was ultimately rejected by the Soviet Union?

At the Postdam Conference there were two new leaders, President Truman, Prime Minister Atlee meeting with Joseph Stalin. He was not accustomed to the two new leaders. He did not want to give up the countries he had conquered. Eventually his communist agenda led to the Cold War. Below is a link that explains it in detail.