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The confidence interval radius determines the margin of error. If you want more information visit:

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Q: What determines an election poll's margin of error?
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What is margin of error for the rasmussen polls?

The margin of error in the Rasmussen poll is +/- 3 in which the confidence becomes 95%. These reports surveys were conducted by Pulse Opinion Research LLC. lately in 26, december in the year of 2012.

How many votes does John McCain have?

Over the last several months, John McCain has usually trailed Barack Obama in the polls, although almost always within the statistical margin of error. In most polls, McCain was ahead on several occasions, but not in all polls overall.

What time do Hawaii polls close on Election Day?

Hawaiian polls close at 6pm.

Who uses polls?

Analysts use polls to make a diagram of predicted election results.

What are polls conducted as voters leave selected polling places on Election Day?

exit polls

Do people that work at election polls paid?


What does 'Going to the Polls' mean?

Means going for election

Are polls an accurate representation of the will of the people?

No, this election proved that

What time do polls open in New York State?

Polls in NY State on election day (primary and general election) open at 6am and close at 9pm.

What kind of polls might journalists use to assess how voting has gone during an election?

Exit polls

Who will win the US 2012 presidential election?

It is far too soon to even make a reasonable guess. Obama has seen his popularity slip, but no strong Republican candidate has appeared. The election is still more than a year away. As of mid-summer 2012, the contest is much closer, with Obama holding a few-points lead in opinion polls. Obama consistently comes out as the winner in these polls, but the margin of victory is now usually within the margin of error for the poll, which means that the election is likely a tossup. The prediction-market web site allows individuals to effectively bet on which candidate will win the election, and Obama is currently running at about a 56% chance to be reelected, with Mitt Romney running about 42% chance to be elected.

What time do election polls open in Michigan 2012?

7 am

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