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British and American strategists believed it would be better to concentrate on Germany, the leader of the Axis, first. then deal with Japan. Unwittingly, Hitler helped make the strategy a reality by declaring war on the United States, which had expressed no desire to fight Germany up until that point.

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Q: What did American and British strategists decide to do immediately after Pearl Harbor?
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What did Britain do in the buildup to American Revolution?

forced colonists to harbor British soldiers closed Boston's port

Which did Britain do in the build up to the American revolution?

forced colonies to harbor british soldiers

Which British general abandoned Boston in 1776 because the American cannons threatened Boston harbor?

General howe

Why couldn't the British retreat from Yorktown?

The British cold not retreat from Yorktown because the French fleet blocked the harbor and the American and French troops, surrounded the town.

The british withdrew from Boston in 1776 after?

The British withdrew from Boston in 1776 after American troops, led by General Thomas, secured Dorchester Heights with fortifications and cannons. The American forces could hit any British ship in the harbor from this location forcing the British to withdraw.

Who was responsible for the closing of Boston Harbor?

The British Government was responible for closing Boston Harbor.

What port was closed as a result of the coercive Act?

First, it is worth noting that the "Coercive Acts" were what England and the British monarchy called the laws meant to punish the American colonists. But in the colonies, these acts had a very different name: they were referred to as the Intolerable Acts. The harbor in question was Boston Harbor, and the colonists defied the British government by dumping a large quantity of tea into the harbor as a protest.

Why do you hear so little about Singapore being as well prepared as Pearl Harbor?

Singapore was British while Pearl Harbor was American. The American press delivered far more information on Pearl because their readers were Americans, for the most part.

Who was the enemy at the beginning of the American Revolution?

The British had killed Americans at the Boston Massacre. They closed the harbor of Boston and marched on Lexington and Concord.

What was japan's goal immediately after bombing pearl harbor?

US positions in the Philipines, Wake island, and Guam, Dutch Jakarta and Sumatra and British in Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong.

What was one important effect of the Tea Act on the colonists.?

Boston Harbor was closed by the British.

Why are there ships in the harbor during the American revolution?

Ships were used in the Revolutionary War to harass the British maritime supplying traffic and carry on sudden attack against the British possessions in the West Indies.