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Simply put, the first shot fired in the American Revolution, described as the "shot heard round the world" , by Mr. Emerson? Metaphorically speaking, the shot would cause all the world to realize that a new era was beginning at this point in history. The first of the New World colonies to throw off the not so symbolic "yoke of oppression" mounted upon them by the Old World counties to which they were attached to or hailed from. The "shot heard round the world" would cause all tyrannical nations to sit up and pay heed to this fact. The colonies were in fact, countries unto themselves, and capable and willing to fight for the right of self government. A whole new era in history began at this point in time......BANG! as Emerson so eloquently stated, "We are off and running".

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I believe it was meant by the beginning of the revolution and technically it wasnt heard around the world but heard ABOUT around the world.

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Q: What did Emerson mean when he called the first shot of the American Revolution the shot heard round the world?
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