What did George Cadbury do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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George Cadbury worked alongside his father and brother to make Cadbury's chocolate. He also created a bournville village.

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Q: What did George Cadbury do?
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What was George Cadbury famous for?

George Cadbury was famous for Cadbury's chocolate

What did George Cadbury invent?

George Cadbury did not invent anything, but he was an English businessman known for expanding the Cadbury chocolate company, founded by his father John Cadbury. George Cadbury focused on social reform and improving the working conditions of employees at the Cadbury factory.

What year did george Cadbury die?

1922. George Cadbury was born September 19,1839 George Cadbury died in October 24,1922. Hope this helped! Sources:,

Who wrote Cadbury report on corporate governance?

Sir George Adrian Hayhurst Cadbury has written the cadbury report.

Who opened the chocolate company named Cadbury?

George cadbury. He opened it in the UK called Bournville

Where did george Cadbury work?

In a chocolate factory!

How old was George Cadbury when he died?


How did george Cadbury treat his workers?

not well

What was Richard Cadbury's opinion of his brother?

Richard Cadbury had a high opinion of his brother George Cadbury. He admired George's dedication to social reform and his commitment to the welfare of workers. Richard considered George to be a visionary leader and respected his values and principles.

When did george Cadbury opened his factory?

5000 bc

Is John Cadbury married?

I am not sure if John Cadbury got married or not but I do know that he had two sons called Richard and George.

Did George Cadbury help the poor vicotrians?

George Cadbury did help the poor Victorians. He did help them by addressing the alcohol related problems that most of them were entangled in. He also created job opportunities for the poor.