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Q: What did George Washington require from his new spy?
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Was George Washington a spy?

Yes, he was.

Who was the spy who helped George Washington in New York City?

James Hamiltontin in the year of 1772

Who killed George Washington in Phoebe The Spy?

He sucided

What was the name of George Washington's spy rings?

Culper Gang

How is Lydia Darrah important to the Revolutionary War?

she was a spy for George Washington.

Who won his freedom by working with a spy for George Washington?

edward maloon

Who worked as a spy for George Washington?

a person named James Armistead

Who did Lydia darragh spy for?

Lydia darragh was a spy for George Washington

Who di Lydia darragh spy for?

Lydia Darragh spied for George Washington.

What was the name for George Washington's spy ring?

It was named Senor Corpirito Bob Wapoziop

Who was one of Washington's most trusted generals?

Benedict Arnold was one of George Washington's most trusted generals and a spy for the British

What battle did Lydia darragh fight during the American Revolution?

She didn't fight in any battles during the American Revolution. She was a Spy though for General george Washington. She warned him that the British were planning a surprize attack on the second Pennsilvaina Regiment at Whitemarsh.