What did Levi Coffin do?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Levi coffin started the underground railroad helped slaves escape from the south to his home in the North via the Ohio river into Cincinnati.

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Levi Coffin was born in New Garden, North Carolina.

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Q: What did Levi Coffin do?
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Who was known as the president of the underground railroad?

Levi Coffin Levi Coffin

When was Levi Coffin House created?

Levi Coffin House was created in 1839.

What was Levi coffin known as?

Levi coffin was known as the " president of the under ground railroad ".

Who where did Levi and Katie coffin?

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When was Levi coffin born?

Levi coffin was born on October 28,1798

What was Levi Coffins full name?

Levi Coffin.

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How many kids did Levi coffin have?

Levi Coffin and his wife Catherine had seven biological children together.

How old is Levi Coffin?

Levi Coffin was born on October 28, 1798, and passed away on September 16, 1877.

Did Levi Coffin have kids?

Yes he did he had 6 children with Cathrine Coffin.

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