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they put them in a cave

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Q: What did Odysseus and Athene do with his treasures?
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How did Athene treat Odysseus?


What did Athene do for Odysseus'?

she made him mightier.

Who was athene in The Odyssey?

Athene was the goddess who helped and guided Odysseus through his entire journey.

What did Athene do for Odysseus' father?

she made him mightier.

Who reconciled the feud the townspeople and Odysseus?


Who told Odysseus to reveal his identity to telmachus?

(A+) Athene

Who reconciled the feud between townspeople and Odysseus?


Athene bid Odysseus to go to whose?


Once Odysseus was about to enter the city how did athene appear before him-?

in the form of a maiden carrying a pitcher

In what form did athene appear to phaeacians?

after odysseus awoke on the land where the phaeacianss left him in what form did athene appear to him?

Who are the two members of Odysseus' court who assist Odysseus and Telemachos in slaying the suitors?

Athene and Philotitus.

Why was Athene often considered its main female character in The Odyssey?

Athene is considered the main female character in Homer's Odyssey is because Athene is always mentioned by Homer divinely intervening with Odysseus' path e.g. Athene asks Zeus to release Odysseus from Calypso's island of Ogygia and so he sends Hermes to order Calypso or in Book 6, Athene is the reason both Odysseus and Nausicaa cross paths by the river bed.