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When Okonkwo thought of his father's weakness and failure, he would work and become successful to prove to himself that he is nothing like his father. He would think of his own shows of manliness to silence the thought that he might be like his father.

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Q: What did Okonkwo do whenever he thought of his father's weakness and failure?
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What did Okonkwo do whenever he thought of his fathers weakness and failure Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe book?

Okonkwo worked hard to become a successful and respected man in his community to distance himself from his father's weakness and failure. He was driven by a fear of resembling his father and strived to be everything his father was not - strong, wealthy, and powerful.

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What was it about Nwoye's actions in chapter 14-19 that disturbs Okonkwo?

Nwoye's actions in converting to Christianity and ultimately rejecting his father's traditions and beliefs disturbed Okonkwo because he saw it as a betrayal of their family and Igbo heritage. Okonkwo believed that Nwoye's change represented a weakening of their clan's identity and a rejection of the values that he held dear.

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Why is Okonkwo disappointed when a former outcast now a member of the Christian Church is rumored to have killed a sacred python?

Okonkwo is disappointed that the villagers would defy the gods of the fathers as such. He is disappointed that the church has not been driven out of the village along with its madmen. Later, village leaders decline to use force to eject Christians from the village, preferring instead to ostracize the Christians by excluding them from the markets, clay pits, and rivers. After Okoli dies, the villagers stop their ban.

How does Okonkwo treat women?

Okonkwo treats women as objects, much like the rest of his tribe. He fathers children with his 3 wives. He expects women to fulfill their duties of taking care of the children, making meals, housework and small farming chores, while he and his sons do the heavy work.Okonkwo rampantly abused his wives in the book Things Fall Apart. He beats them without true provocation, but because he desires an outlet. He mostly maintains control over them.