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Polk had a good reason for avoiding war with britain over Oregon. By 1846, he had so much bigger troubles brewing with Mexico over Texas..........

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Q: What did Polk do to avoid war?
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Did James K. Polk want to have a war with Mexico?

No- he did not really want to go to war, but was willing to do so after peaceful negotiations failed. He was not willing to back down from his position just to avoid war.

Which war does President Polk refer to in the entry?

President Polk was responsible for the Mexican American War.

How was James Polk involved in the Oregon trail?

The Mexican War took place while Polk was President. Polk asked Congress for a declaration of war with Mexico so you might say he started it. Polk also ended the war.

What war was Polk involved with?

Polk asked Congress to declare war on Mexico and was President during its duration.

What war was James Polk involved with?

Polk asked Congress to declare war on Mexico and was President during its duration.

Who was the President of the US during the war with Mexico?

James K. Polk (term 1845-1849) was President of the United States during the Mexican-American War.

What was James Polk most noted for?

james polk was noted for the war with Mexico

Who instigated the Mexican War?

James Knox Polk can probably be listed Number One as the facilitator of that war.

What was Mr Polk's War?

It was the Mexican-American war in 1846-1848. It was called "mr. Polk's war" by those who believed that president James K. Polk's aggression was an attempt to extend slavery. They called it this to take away national support of the war.

Who declared war on Mexico?


Who negotiated a treaty with Great Britan to avoid war?

James K. Polk and his Secretary of State, James Buchanan , settled the Oregon boundary dispute with a treaty and thus avoided war. Polk won the presidency with the slogan : 44-forty or fight which referred to a proposed upper boundary for Oregon, but settled to something less .

What about Polk's behavior in the lead-up to the Mexican War did many such as Henry David Thoreau criticize?

Polk had provoked the Mexicans into a war, then claimed that they had started it.