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End slavery

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Q: What did all abolitionists agree about?
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What does abolitionists all agree about?

The end of slavery-

What people did not agree with the Mexican American War?

Northern abolitionists.

What were northerners called who did not agree with slavery why were they?

They were called abolitionists. They were opposed for economic reasons. They didn't agree with it because they didn't think they could compete for jobs with free labor.

Did all the abolitionists help with the underground railrod why or why not?

Most of the abolitionists supported the Underground Railroad because most of the abolitionists wanted to end slavery.

Can you name any famous democrat abolitionists or were they all republican?

They are all republican

Why did the North consisder John Brown a martyr?

Most of them didn't. The Abolitionists did. But most Northerners were not Abolitionists, and were just exasperated that all of this was bringing war nearer.

Were some abolitionists racists?

no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists

What was the position of abolitionists concerning slavery?

Abolitionists believed that slavery was morally wrong and campaigned for its immediate abolition. They argued that all people, regardless of race, should be free and have equal rights. Abolitionists played a key role in the movement to end slavery in the United States.

Who were the abolitionists and what were their racial attitudes?

Abolitionists were individuals who sought to end the institution of slavery. Their racial attitudes varied, with some promoting racial equality and advocating for the rights and freedoms of all races, while others held racist beliefs and viewed African Americans as inferior. Overall, abolitionists played a crucial role in the movement to abolish slavery in the United States.

What did abolitionist want for slave?

The Abolitionists wanted all the slaves to be freed, and slavery to be outlawed.

What did abolitionists protest?

Abolitionists protested against the institution of slavery and worked to end the practice of owning and exploiting enslaved individuals. They believed that all humans should have equal rights and freedoms, regardless of race. Abolitionists advocated for the immediate end of slavery and the full emancipation of enslaved people.

People who actively worked to end slavery were called?