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To Democritus the atom looked like a marble. Democritus theorized that matter could only broken down into pieces of a certain size. These pieces which could not be broken any further were called atoms.

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Atoms make up all things.

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Q: What did democritus say about the atom?
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Who made the Latin name for atom?

Some say that Democritus named the atom "ATOMUS" which means "invisible" others say John Dalton but i would go with the former (Democritus).

Why did Democritus discover atoms?

The atom was not discovered by Democritus; Leukipus an Democitus proposed the notion of atom, but only intuitively, not experimentally.

The concept developed by Democritus was the?

The Atom.

Coined the word atom?


Who had the first idea about atom?


What is the achievements of the Greece philosopher Democritus?

Democritus and his mentor Leucippus postulated the existence of the atom.

Did Democritus name the atom?

Because Democritus thought that atom was indivisible. He thought that everything in the universe is made up of only one thing which is so tiny called atoms. The word 'atom' came from the greek word 'atomos' meaning 'indivisible'.

How did Democritus define atom?

An atom is an indivisible part of all matter.

Who is famous for the idea of an atom?

Democritus from Abdera

Who was the first person to identify the atom?


Who made the mental model of the atom?


Who did not have experimental evidence to support his of the atom?